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Automation Question

Good Day All,

Let me start off by saying sorry I know the answer is in here somewhere, I have spent the better part of today, reading posts and trying to craft what I need.

So I am trying to do is Keep a local directory up to date, so I know there is a Powershell script and you can manually start it and I made a short cut key, but my team I work with is still not capable of making sure its running. So if for some reason the systems crashes then we are not syncing anymore.

Is there anyway to start that command running, when I click on the desktop icon to start the session? I have tried to do a command line with /synchronize but I think that only runs once, I tried to set up a .bat file that would run the .ps script but that did not seem to work, it flashed up PS then just went away. I know its prob a simple solution but I am just not seeing it. Maybe after stepping away for a bit, but figured I would ask too.

Thanks, again sorry if this has been asked 1000 times most the posts when I read them the solution is not working.