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Re: WinSCP - SFTP Automated File Sync

Thanks Martin,

I see "keepuptodate d:\www /home/martin/public_html" as a reference, but what would this command look like, if we need to specify credentials and the site is SFTP?

Something like this?

keepuptodate d:\localFTP SFTP://

Or would we need a full script to specify local and remote directories?

WinSCP - SFTP Automated File Sync

I'm looking to use WinSCP to synchronize changes made to a local directory, to an SFTP server. I've found some powershell stuff on here, but nothing seems to do what I need.

I basically want to sync new files, changes to existing files, and deletes to the SFTP server on a regular basis (or in real time)

Does anyone have any examples of a PowerShell script and using task manager to do this? Or something similar?