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Re: Overwriting files when two servers with same path are open

You must have turned off "Append session name to temporary path" and turned on "Keep temporary copies of remote files in deterministic paths".

Change either of them to fix the problem.

Look at yoir settings. By default my editor (vscode) put it into AppData\Local\Temp\scp%session number%\etc\hosts ie different for each session (5.15.9)

Overwriting files when two servers with same path are open

I made notepad++ as default editor. I connect to server and then double click a file to open in notepad++ and save in notepad++ so it automatickly changes and uploads related files.

When i open two linux servers both having smae path system,
for example i open etc/hosts file in server1
and again open etc/hosts in server2
if i try to make changes in server2, it also tries to write changes to server1.
Because each connection doesnt have own folder in windows but they all have c://Temp/winscp/etc for example.
I think each conenction has to be downoaded to own folder in TEMP.