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Re: WINSCP SFTP transfert issue with a Put command

You are missing some quotes and spaces:

Call Shell( _
"""C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\""  /command " & _
"""open ftpes://... ..."" " & _
"""put C:\Users\sent_FTP\testfile.csv"" " & _
End Sub


WINSCP SFTP transfert issue with a Put command

i wrote the script below in Outlook VBA :

Call Shell( _
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\  /command " & _
"""open ftpes:// -timeout=5 -certificate=xxxxxxx -rawsettings ProxyPort=0""" & _
"""put C:\Users\sent_FTP\testfile.csv""" & _
End Sub

when i executes the script, i see in a CMD windows that the remote FTP server is open but the file is not transfered
the command visible in window is : winscp >
if i copy past the command "put C:\Users\sent_FTP\testfile.csv" in CMD windows, that is working very well, the file is transfered

i don't understand why the script doesn't execute the command "put" automatically