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Thank you

That's a perfect solution - thanks for the advice.

Re: Setting to allow deferral of directory listings

You actually can use "Find Files" command even without entering the folder. You just need to specify the search path manually on the Find dialog:

But to find files, WinSCP needs to list the files anyway. So it would take about the same time.

Setting to allow deferral of directory listings

Newbie to WinSCP so trying to get used to it. Using the product to connect from Win10 laptop to OpenVMS host using SFTP. Initial connection fine as it logs into my home folder which has very few files. But many of the folders I need to go into to download files contain tens of thousands of files and the directory listings take forever. Would love the ability to not do directory listing when going into those folders, instead relying on the Find Files option once in there to find what I'm looking for.