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Re: Retry when scripting with .net assembly

Thanks a lot! That seems to have done the trick :)

Retry when scripting with .net assembly


I am using the feature to mirror two directories using WinSCP and this works great. But, one of the servers I am using is generating some kind of timeout, saying 'Could not retrieve directory listing'. I get the same message using the GUI, but as you see in the attached image, I can press 'Retry', and it will continue from where it left off.
When scripting this, I cant seem to find any parameter to add this 'Retry' into the script. If I just have the script run again on error, it have to start all over again, and there is a very slim chance of it ever completing without running into this error.

Is there a way to add this retry function to the script as of now, or is this something that could be added?