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Avoiding accidental DIR moves - thanks!

Thanks, I just changed that setting. I think it will help a lot!


Local or remote panel?
For remote panel, you can enable move confirmations in Preferences.
It's somewhat unclear, as it's part of
Drag&drop operations and paste to other applications

It usually happens when I try to click on a directory to open it but I accidently push the entire directory into another one in the list.

Re: Avoiding accidental DIR moves

Does it happen in a file list? Or in a directory tree?
Does it happen when you actually try to move a file, but you grab a directory by mistake? Or do you grab a directory, when you just want to click the directory? (you do not actually intend to grab anything)

Avoiding accidental DIR moves

Is there a setting that will allow to block or at least prompt if I accidently try to move a DIR? I'm asking because I have a condition called "Essential Tremors" which causes my hand to shake just a tiny bit but often this is enough to really mess things up! Thanks for any suggestions!