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Re: Connection error

martin wrote:

Please show us what did you "set"?
Can you also post a PuTTY event log?

Problem solved, had to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Security. Thanks fo your quick answers

Re: Connection error

Please show us what did you "set"?
Can you also post a PuTTY event log?

Connection error

Hi, I'm using WinSCP-5.16.6.RC and I'm getting the following error when trying to connect to a host vias SFTP and port 22
network error: Conenction to xxx timed out
I'm using WinSCP already a long time and suddenly I got this message.
When I use Manage -> Open in Putty, there is no problem to reach the host
I added the log fie:
WinSCP Version 5.16.6 RC (Build 10136) (OS 10.0.17763 - Windows 10 Enterprise)
Failed to connect to 9.xxxxxxx: Network error: Connection timed out
FTP port did not open.
(EFatal) Network error: Connection to "" timed out.
Can you help?