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the problem with prefixes I solved it.. by adding a filemask to put command..
"put -filemask="Temp_*;Cal_*;Vid_*" *.* -delete -nopreservetime" ^

Upload only files with a particular prefixes and move files after upload to another local folder ?


I want to uplaod only files with a particular prefiexes eg. Temp_, Cal_, Vid_. . Now every files from upload folder will be uploaded to my server. And how can I move files after uploading to a local folder eg. backup ? Because now I am uploading all files.. and downlaoding files again to backup folder. But I want to move files after uploading was successfull. Is it possible ?

%~dp0\App\WinSCP\winscp.exe /ini=nul /log=%~dp0\Logs\log_%datetime%.txt /command ^
   "open s -hostkey=""ssh-rsa"" -privatekey="%pKey%"" ^
    "cd %Serverpath%" ^
    "lcd %~dp0\Upload" ^
     "put *.* -delete -nopreservetime" ^
    "lcd %~dp0\BackupFolder" ^
    "get *.* *_%datetime%.*" ^
    "close" ^