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@ChristophSchneegans: Thanks for your feedback.
Christoph Schneegans

I have just downloaded and run the development version. I can confirm that the problem is resolved. Thanks!

Re: Address bar does not work - v.5.17 build 10191

Thanks for your reports.

This issue has been added to the tracker:

@ChristophSchneegans: I'm sending you an email with a development version of WinSCP for testing.
@vid1998: If you want to test as well, please register on this forum.
Christoph Schneegans

This seems to be a problem with the latest version of WinSCP. I have used the address bar for years, and it suddenly stopped working after updating to 5.17.

Address bar does not work - v.5.17 build 10191

I'm using last version of WinSCP. Unfortunately the "Address bar" is not working anymore after that installation. To be more clear, on a remote session, if I paste a valid remote path to the address bar and press Enter, WinSCP does not move to the new directory and the Windows 10 operating system emits the sound of the error bell. The only way I have to move into different remote path is by pressing: Ctrl+O and paste the path on the "Open directory" dialogue box. What can I do to solve my problem?

Thanks in advice!