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Scheduled task not working (just FTP available)

Hi All,

is it possible, that scheduled task (Windows 10) is not working on FTP port?
On the server (not my server) there is no SSH/FTPS available.

My scheduled task is working when i run manually. I've read WinSCP-Faq-Scheduler, but not found solution for this.

I've tried:
- run with C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe
- run with portable winscp (c:\temp, full right)
- run scheduled task with highest privileges
- run from mentoined folders (c:\program files... c:\temp)
- run with argument (/script="C:\temp\sync_local_to_FTP.txt" /log=C:\temp\log.txt)

Thanks for your every help or idea.