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Re: Filesize changes


at least this happens to be a serverproblem, so winscp was innocent. There was some rsync running in the backgroup grabbing the incomplete file and overwriting the complete one a few moments later with the incomplete version. For some reason the pscp-file and some other testtransfers (without using winscp) survived here and I was barking up the wrong tree. ;-)

Sorry for the confusion.


Re: Filesize changes

So the first listing in file panel after the transfer finishes contains correct file size?

Re: Filesize changes


martin wrote:

They are probably using text transfer mode.

This was my first guess, too. But this thing happens after the transfer has finished.

On the target system:
This is what it looks like when the transfer has finished.
[root@machine01 directory]# ll filename*
-rw-r--r-- 1 customer users 14132412 Dec 24 13:44 filename01.exe
-rw-r--r-- 1 customer users 14132412 Jan 11 16:43 filename_pscp.exe

This is what it looks like a few moments later.
[root@machine01 directory]# ll filename*
-rw-r--r-- 1 customer users 9121792 Jan 11 16:16 filename01.exe
-rw-r--r-- 1 customer users 14132412 Jan 10 16:43 filename_pscp.exe

The only thing that happens in these "few moments" is that the costumer refreshes his winscp-Window quite often to see what is happening with the file on the Linux machine.
Suddenly the filesize changes and this one-hour-ahead-phenomenon occurs. All other files in the directory remain untouched.

He was using WinSCP 3.6.8 Build 245 and then updated to 3.7.6.
The result is the same. Something happens with the file after being copied to the server, but only if WinSCP is being used for the transfer.

This is really strange. ;-)


Filesize changes


our customers is trying to copy a 14MB file from Windows to Linux using WinSCP. When the transfer is finished the filesize shows correct time and date (when the file has been saved first on the windows machine) and the correct size. Some moments later, the filesize has been reduced to 9-11MB and the time/date has changed. When he uses pscp for the transfer the filesize and date stays the same and nothing changes. (That is why we don't think that this is a server problem, because the pscp-files remain untouched.)

The customer says he's using the "refresh button" to see what is happening.

He also faces this one-hour-ahead-problem but this is a minor problem in this case. ;-)

Any idea?

Thank you in advance...