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Re: Main issue - white tabs in dark mode, and white scroll

@crypt0: As posted above, if you want this to be implemented, vote in the tracker.

Main issue - white tabs in dark mode, and white scroll

Main issue - white tabs in dark mode, and white scroll.
I mean, one of the scrolls is black, two other are white.
Maybe instead of tabs - use the same buttons elements as in tools ribbon.

Re: Not yet?

@devcline: What issue? Please be more specific. Also there are feature requests linked above. They all show their status. And if they are not implemented yet, you can vote for them, if you want them to be implemented.

Not yet?

Any updates in this issue? Thanks.

@fijam: Sorry for my late answer. WinSCP has dark title bar. And Notepad++'s tabs seem to be custom drawn. They do not look anything like the standard Windows tabs.


Recently Notepad++ has been updated to support Dark Mode (including the title bar and tabs), which made me wonder if perhaps the necessary Windows APIs are now available?

@jonesd: What a ridiculous statement coming from a freeloader.

@jonesd: Chrome paints its window completely on its own. It does not use any standard Windows controls.

Go ahead and implement full dark mode for WinSCP on your own if you believe it's that easy! It's open source!

Basically the excuse that Windows should be responsible for dark mode in its entirety is the author just being lazy. Chrome and so many other apps do it.

Grateful for dark theme (except selected folders :)

I like the dark theme, I'm grateful that WinSCP offers it at all. It works fine for me except as previously noted, that in Explorer mode, in the file tree panel, selected folders are drawn with black text on black background.

@FreeFun: To be honest, I've never wanted to implement the dark mode. That's something that imo an operating system should do. Not individual applications. Because when individual applications do implement it, without (complete) support from the operating system, you end up with problems like this. Edit: As of December 2020, Windows API still do not have documented support for the dark mode.

But people asked so much, despite my concerns, for WinSCP to implement at least PARTIAL support for the dark mode, that I yielded. Those people are now happy. But I'm getting an (expected) backlash from others, who complain, that if WinSCP does support the dark mode, it has support it perfectly. What was never my goal, as I knew that Windows are not ready for the perfect support of the dark mode.

Okay, it was just an example. But it would still be nice if WinSCP would support the dark styles better.

@FreeFun: But Chrome does not use Windows UI API at all. It's imo completely custom drawn.

Yes, I can confirm that, it looks the same to me.

The Chrome Browser can handle it now, so I think it should be possible.

Re: WinSCP looks weird in Windows Dark Mode.

Thanks for your post.

I believe that current Windows dark theme API does not allow dark tabs yet.

As for the selected folders: It works for me. Maybe you have some unusual Windows theme selected? What is your settings in Windows Settings > Personalisation?

WinSCP looks weird in Windows Dark Mode.

In the latest update, when Windows is set to dark mode, Win SCP also switches to a dark mode, which is nice, but it doesn't seem to be fully implemented yet. Selected folders for example appear black on dark grey. Separators and tabs are still white. Please see attached screenshot.