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An option is required to prohibit opening a new window if another is already running. This would be very convenient in some cases.

Re: Multiple windows

Sorry, I do not see why clicking of an application icon should not start a new instance. That's a standard behavior. If you want to check the existing instance, please click the taskbar icon.

Multiple windows

First of all, thanks for the great software.
I encountered an unpleasant feature in the program. If the program window is minimized to the taskbar, clicking on the application icon launches a new copy of the program. Each time a new program window is launched. And if you minimize it and then run it again, another new window will open.
This is terribly inconvenient, because you need to check whether the program is running or not and deploy it from the taskbar.

Please add an option to the settings, which will prohibit the opening of another copy of the window if the program is already running.
If the program is already running, it should expand the window, and not start a new one.