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Re: Images corrupted on server - after FTP - WINSCP

Please I have the same issues. My pictures seem to be overlapping each other in the cart i created and looks like that till you refresh the page. Please Help.

martin wrote:

You are obviously using an text/ascii transfer to transfer the images.
Make sure you switch back to (the default) binary mode.

Thank you Martin. You are correct. I have reset the Transfer Default to binary.

I had changed the Transfer Default to text because in the Settings menu it describes Text as the recommended option for (.html, .txt, .php etc). It describes Binary as the recommended option for (Archives, .doc). I got confused.

Maybe you could add (.jpg, .png, .gif) to the recommendation for Binary.

Update: the corrupted images are only corrupted on the bottom half. The corruption starts exactly half way vertical. Just like the example above of the WinSCP logo.

Here is an example of what happens to images when I use WinSCP to transfer them to a website.

I have attached the WinSCP logo "before and after" transfering it to my website.

Here's what I did:
1. I downloaded the WinSCP logo.png image to my Windows download folder.
2. I then copied and pasted logo.png to the left hand pane of WinSCP.
3. I then transferred logo.png to my website by dragging it from the WinSCP left hand pane to the right hand pane.

What went wrong in such a simple process?

Re: Images corrupted on server - after FTP - WINSCP

Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to the address you have used to register on this forum.

Images corrupted on server - after FTP - WINSCP

I have been using WinSCP for 2 months and I really like it. But I'm having to stop using it because of corrupted images. Whenever I transfer images (jpg, gif, png) one of them gets corrupted on the server. It looks glitchy and/or zig zaggy. I have tried all sorts of workarounds but the only way I can avoid this problem is to transfer images using a different FTP software package (which is frustrating to say the least).

I did a web search and found "WINSCP is Corrupting Images on Transfer" on the WinSCP Forum. That thread was started 4 years ago in August 2014. So it looks like it's an unresolved bug. That's why I've started a new thread - to kickstart a solution.