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Re: Help! Lost my files

This was known bug in WinSCP1. WinSCP 2.0 beta don't delete moved file, when transfer is canceled.

Re: Help! Lost my files

Since posting the above I have found that Software Shelf's File Rescue Plus software can find some files that were once in the folder, but only when doing a "cluster scan". However the software seems to crash the computer while it is reading these clusters, it does not succeed to finish the scan.

File Rescue Plus says these folders were in the "C:\?\" directory. Did WinSCP simply rename the folder to some unreadable temporary name when moving? Is it possible to somehow change the name of this "?" directory to its original value, and have all the files restored?

Hope this helps,


Help! Lost my files

Hello. I am using WinSCP version 1.0 build 215 on Windows 98 Second Edition to transfer files.

While selecting files to be transferred from the local directory, I accidentally highlighted some local folders as well.

I clicked "Move". I watched and saw the first folder and its contents were being transferred. Oops! It was a huge folder, and I did not want those files transferred. So, I clicked "Cancel" before it was finished, to stop the operation. I thought I did a good job, since only a few files were transferred and the important ones, 95%, were not.

Mother! The folder was created on the remote system and a few files were transferred. On my system, however, the entire folder no longer existed. It was not in its original place, it was not in the recycle bin, and all of the files vanished. Oh, no! There was a lot of important stuff in there!

Help! What did WinSCP do with those files? Usually when I move them, they are simply sent to the recycle bin. Why were they deleted? Can they be saved from my hard drive? I have tried some demo undelete software but have not yet been able to find them.

Thanks for your help,

-Andrew Pavacic