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Re: Re: Cannot select local directory. Buttons are missing

Do all three monitors have 150% scale, or does it differ?

Re: Re: Cannot select local directory. Buttons are missing

Yes, I have 3 monitors. Here's the screenshot you requested.

Re: Cannot select local directory. Buttons are missing

Thanks for your report. We'll look at this.

It most probably related to your display setup.
You seem to have atypical icon size.
Do you have multiple monitors? Can you post a screenshot of your Windows Display settings?

Anyway, meanwhile, you can browse to your desired folder in a file panel itself. Or type the path manually. Actually, I believe you can submit the dialog by pressing Enter key.

Cannot select local directory. Buttons are missing

#1) Version of WinSCP: 5.17.2 (Build 10278)
#2) I was able to get this to work in December of 2019. Not sure which version was running at that time. I didn't need to use it again until this month (March 2020). Since the buttons were missing on mine but not on my co-workers, I decided to uninstall and reinstall the latest version. The issue is still there but only on my machine. I tried removing all WinSCP files from my computer to do a fresh install, but the problem still persists. See attached screenshot.
#3) Version of Microsoft Windows: Windows 10 Pro
#4) Transfer protocol: SFTP
#5) GUI:Commander
#6) No error message displayed. Buttons are missing. Cannot select a file to open/ add to SFTP.
#7) Steps to reproduce: Open WinSCP, click folder icon w/ green arrow to open local directory, and click "Browse".