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Re: winscp window fails to display

Thanks for the reply! That was the problem. I was able to remove the "ghost display" and WinSCP appeared.

I think I've chipped in twice before ... just did again.

Re: winscp window fails to display

It looks like WinSCP starts on another display, which you may have turned off.
If you go to Windows Start > Settings > System > Display, do you see multiple displays there?

You can also try to delete the following registry key:
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Martin Prikryl\WinSCP 2\Configuration\Interface]

winscp window fails to display

I have not used WinScp for a month or so. Today I tried to run it and cannot use it at all. Below I list the problem and my attempts to solve it. I do not know how to generate a log file, and do not see any file in the WinSCP directory. SO I guess this is "useless" but I do not know what else to do.

Based on my attempts to get WinSCP to work (as it has for years and years) the only thing that I can think of is that a recent update to Windows 10 has broken WinSCP.

Some of the attempts are show in this screenshot video:

First, the WinSCP window opened partially off my display, but I could not maximize or move it to the display to work with it. I could click on the toolbar and see my list of sites. Clicking on one the "master password" dialog opened and accepted the password, but the window never appeared.

Using "alt-tab" I can see WinSCP preview boxes, but selecting them does not bring up the window. Using Win-tab no window shows up on the desktop.

I had to use TaskManager to kill the app. Restarting it I could see a "Update" window preview from the taskbar, but as before could not open any winscp window on the display.

Here are things I have tried to get around this (none of them worked):
-Restart my laptop
-Disconnect my laptop from external displays so only the internal screen is displaying
Attempt to install the update by downloading through a browser. This failed because the .exe file could not be overwritten
Uninstalled WinsSCP. Reinstalled current version. Still failed
Installed a previous version that I know used to work.
Cleared up space on my harddrive which was getting full.
Nothing changed.