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Re: Send to and generate URL

Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider this.

Tough note that it is easy to write a (e.g.) PowerShell script with use of WinSCP .NET assembly that will do this.

Send to and generate URL

First of all, I'd like to thank the developer for a great FTP client.
Thank you for creating the "Generate HTTP URL" extension which is very helpful.

Shortcuts which can be added to Windows File Explorer "Send to" context menu are also very useful.

I wonder if it would be possible to combine these two features.
Please imagine the following scenario: the user right-clicks the file in Windows Explorer, chooses the shortcut from the context menu, the file is uploaded directly to the server and the HTTP URL is automatically generated and copied to the clipboard. The user is then ready to share the URL (e.g. to paste it into his e-mail).

This could be implemented only for direct /site specific/ shortcuts in the Transfer Options Dialog as a CheckBox, somewhere around the "Transfer in background" CheckBox. So the user can decide whether he wants the URL to be copied or not.

Best regards