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Re: WinSCP root website tagged as Malware: clean mx

I'm glad that you plan to use WinSCP.

It's obvious a false positive. It's 1 out of 76 systems only! (and a one I've never heard of) – I'm sure it's only a temporal issue.

And when I try to open their Clean MX website my antivirus (Avast) warns me that it is a phishing site.

WinSCP root website tagged as Malware: clean mx

I am working with our corporate team to enable access to winscp and the website to review and possibly adopt the product for internal use. I am unable to get this past our security team due to the site being tagged having malware, clean mx, in the website. I have attached a screen shot that shows the issue. Please advise if this can be corrected and a high level date if will be addressed.