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Local account is the same. Site configuration still exists. I've updated the scripts to the username:password@host format and it seems to be working now. I'm just confused as to why it broke in the first place.

Thanks for your help.

You have removed "Local account" information from the "after" log. Is it the same as in the "before" log?

Either it is different, or, if it is the same, then the stored site must have been removed from the configuration.

Anyway, see this note in the before log:
In scripting you should not rely on saved sites, use this command instead:

Here is the before log.

Here is the after file

I've been doing it this way for years (at least 3, probably longer).

Attached is a log from before March 5. My next reply will include a log from after.

I'm currently running WinSCP version 5.17.1 on Windows server 2016.

Command Line unable to connect using Session name

Until March 5, I was able to use the session name (and saved credentials) to automate file transfers through the command line. After March 5, I am only able to connect using the protocol://username:password@hostname... format.

I assume that this is probably something that happened during a version upgrade, but I'm not sure that's the case.

Is there a setting that needs to be configured in the GUI to allow the command line to use sessions names and stored credentials to connect? Is there some other reason that this may have stopped working for me recently?