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Re: Can't list root directory

martin wrote:

Can you browse to that folder in any other SFTP client?

Same problem with Filezilla. Ok, then the problem is related to the server and not winscp. Thx

Re: Can't list root directory

Can you browse to that folder in any other SFTP client?

Can't list root directory

On some servers I can't go the the root/base "/" directory. The directory get never listed and the connection get closed because there is a server timeout. If I specify another directory in the option menu I can connect without problems and can work as usual. But if I go then to the root directory "/" the connection get closed. I also restarted the service on the remote server without success. On another server I have the same problem.

The log contains the process from switching from the home direcotry to the root directory.

My system:
WinSCP 5.17.3 Build 10325
Windows 10
Using GUI

Connection: SFTP with private key authentication

Remote server:
Server: Debian 9.12 / 10.3