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Re: no filetransfer between WinSCP2 and Ensim

To use WinSCP in Ensim 3.1* you have to intstall as root two rpms into the domain
you want to use WinSCP for using addpkg: sh-utils and openssh

Do a search for addpkg in and install it to your system. Then as root run:

addpkg sh-utils

addpkg openssh

In the username textbox enter
The hostname is any hostname that resolves to the ip your domain resolves to


Re: no filetransfer between WinSCP2 and Ensim

I'm sorry, but I dont understand what's your problem. Can you try to explain it once again? Log file can also be useful.

no filetransfer between WinSCP2 and Ensim


Ensim makes use of weird usernames to login. Something like user#domain@domain. Because of the -l option one is able to connect with ssh and also with WinSCP to an Ensim server. Filetranfer however doesn't work because scp has no -l option. Is there a solution for this problem so i can make use of WinSCP to tranfer files to an Ensim server?

thank you,

:-pH (peter)