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Re: Help to search text inside zip files in WinScp server

If you have a shell access to the server, you can search the zipped files on the server. But that's not really WinSCP question (although WinSCP has a limited console interface that you can use to execute the search command).

Help to search text inside zip files in WinScp server

I'm using WinSCP setup file(SFTP protocol) to access the files that I have placed earlier. Those files are zip files which has text files inside them. Now, I got a situation that I have to unzip and search the text files for the text I'm looking for manually. Is there a way to search inside the text files without unzipping using commands or scripts and identify the file name that contains the text I'm searching for? We are using the latest version of WinSCP and we use Private key file to login into WinSCP setup file.