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Thanks for your answer! I have finally just understood the difference between SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP over SSL) ... Before I got into detail with this stuff, I thought, the "S" in front is simply indicating a secure FTP connection, and that would be SSL.

Btw. FileZilla can switch to exlicit or implicit FTP over TLS (which apparently is SSL(?)) and SFTP, too.

Sorry for this noob-question from an IT guy :roll:

Re: Connection problems with SFTP and IIS (Win2003)

You need to use FTP with SSL/TLS encryption, not SFTP.

Connection problems with SFTP and IIS (Win2003)


We have an IIS on a VirtualServer with WIndows2003 hosting an FTP site. The site is secured with SSL and I can use CoreFTP to easily connect to the server. Switch to SSL, login+password, fine.

But not with WinSCP. Is there anything you have to set up very specifically to make WinSCP work with IIS over SSL?
The log window only says:

Searching for host...
Connecting to host...

and that's it, then it fails with a Network error.
If I unsecure the IIS (no SSL is used), then WinSCP can connect (then using FTP instead of SFTP).

What am I doing wrong?