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Re: Invalid Access to Memory When Disconnected

Are you able to reproduce the problem? And if you are, are you able to reproduce it using 4.3.4?

Invalid Access to Memory When Disconnected

Today I was on my laptop using WinSCP. I had finished transferring any files so it was just sitting there idle when suddenly my power went out, as well as my internet (Laptop runs on a battery so it was still on). I then went to close WinSCP and when I clicked the 'X' I got the error "Invalid access to memory." I pressed okay and it did the same thing every time I tried to click the 'X'.

WinSCP Version: 4.3.3 (Build 1340)
Version of MS Windows: Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Transfer Protocol: SFTP-3
Using: GUI - Commander
Error Message: "Invalid access to memory"
Server Connection To: CentOS 5.6 x86 with OpenSSH 4.3