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it would be really awsome if you add this feature.
maybe set a donation limit, when this limit is reached you would implement it (like projects on

for my understanding winscp is a gui for scp, so the basic command running if i copy a file from local to the remote server is:
scp foobar.txt

in the moment you can have two connections in parallel an switch between them with alt+number (love this feature), so if you handle the left window like the right one and just display the other server on the left side it would be just awesome.
in background its still a scp, where the local part is the left panel.

it would be even more awsome if you add rsync capability between such servers.

WinSCP does not support this. Adding this feature would be a very big task.
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Dual Server Panels/Windows

Just curious, is there a way to configure WinSCP so my two panels are both viewing one server? For example instead of "Local Directory - Server Directory" I can temporarily switch my Local Directory panel/window to another directory within the same server. So it would be "Server Directory - Server Directory(on same server)".. I have two similar websites on my server and one is broken.. If I transfer all the files from the good site then I've just taken 3782 steps backwards for one piece of broken code on my other site.. It would be awesome if we could be able to pull open code (in my case php) side by side for comparison :D without having to navigate up 10 directories then back down 10 directories to find the same file on the other site.. If this isn't already included as a feature in WinSCP will you strongly consider implementing it?