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Does this feature as been added?
I could be helpfull for me !

Sync Delay

I primarily use WinSCP in a web development environment. I will often use Adobe Fireworks to save graphics in a folder that WinSCP is monitoring and syncing to the server. Whenever I save a file I think Fireworks creates some sort of temp file that is then renamed over the real one. WinSCP will usually see the temp file and start the process of uploading it but by the time it goes to transfer it the file is gone and I get an error. I was wondering if you could add an option for a sync delay that would cause WinSCP to hesitate before attempting to upload the file. That way if the file it detected was temporary then it would never attempt to upload it.

I am thinking the same setting would help when creating a new folder as well. If I create a new folder I have to wait until WinSCP has uploaded "New Folder" before I actually give it a name or else I'll run into the same issue of "New Folder" not existing when it goes to upload it.