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Ionescu Constantin

Presets separated


I'm using with success the your 'good' tool, but I had a big problem. Maybe I don't know how to approch this problem.

It's very usefull that we can create the 'FTP definitions' with your tool.
I wish to know how to set a specific transfer method for a specific 'FTP definition'.

I'm working with version 4.3.2 (built 1201).

When I set that the transfer method to be ASCII, this method was set for all already created 'FTP definitions' and for any new 'FTP definitions'.

If you cannot give me a solution for this verion of WinSCP or for any other new version maybe in next version you will try to have a separate window for 'presets' and other window with the 'settings' permitted for 'FTP definition'.

Yes! Maybe you will say: "but you can create a file with commands and you will call".

It should be nice to improve the work with 'FTP defintiions'.

Sorry for my not advanced English.

Thanks a lot for your tool!

Ionescu Constantin