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Re: asked for a PW using PW WinSCP with INI

Is this indeed the command you are running?
It shouldn't do anything, not even start the session. You are missing /command switch before "open ....":
winscp.exe /ini="C:\myFolder\WinSCP.ini" /command "open" "put \\servername\C$\Temp\Output\*.txt " "exit".

asked for a PW using PW WinSCP with INI


I have a bat file calling winscp, which works perfectly with my credentials, but not from scheduler as it runs under a diff user, so I followed instructions of exporting my sessions settings to INI file. The bat file was modified to contain the following:

winscp.exe /ini="C:\myFolder\WinSCP.ini" "open" "put \\servername\C$\Temp\Output\*.txt " "exit".

I d-click the bat file to test, the sessions is opened but I keep getting dialog box to enter PW. What am I doing wrong? I can see encrypted PW in the INI file.

Thanks in Advance!