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Re: Change password

1) WinSCP implements SSH2_MSG_USERAUTH_PASSWD_CHANGEREQ as defined in SSH spec:
So you have to find out how to make your server send this request.
WinSCP will then show this Password change prompt:

2) Fallback solution to to make use of SSH banner to let user know, he/she has to change the password:

Change password

Hi there, We have recently had to implement a 90 day max period before a user must change their password. However, the users are not warned of password nearing expiration date and therefore they are locked out.
We need to find a way to ensure that users change their passwords within winscp before it expirese.
Documentation that i have read implies that the server may request you to change a password, particularly if your password has expired but this is not happening.
Please advise on how to get winscp to prompt for password change.