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Dear Martin,

Unfortunately, the Magic framework is a black box that allows very little access to its underlying scripting (at C++).

Error codes as well are private representation of system and DB errors.

Unfortunately, other Magicians have brought to my attention that Magic is very iffy in the way it handles .NET based COM wrappers.

Thanks for trying,
Shlomo Tommer

Re: Failure to invoke WinSCP.dll from Magic eDeveloper EDI

Please post a sample code and exact error message (maybe screenshot).

Failure to invoke WinSCP.dll from Magic eDeveloper EDI


Magic eDeveloper (by MSE) is a tier-4 tool for the development of cross-platform and cross-databases data management applications.

This tool includes an operand that calls COM objects via CallDLL() function or ActiveX events.

I have set up portable WinSCP.exe (version 5.0.6 beta) and its matching WinSCP.dll, in the application folder,
registered with my Windows 7 registry, and checked that all classes have indeed registered keys.
C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\RegAsm.exe "C:\Magic\WinSCP.dll" /codebase /tlb

From there on nothing works :-(

Calling the DLL file results in error message that the called function cannot be found or loaded.
Similarly, the ActiveX API doesn't find and registered classes that belong to WinSCP.

I know that it is far fetched to expect assistance regarding such a private and vague setting.
However, since Magic has proven itself in the past in invoking COM objects in such manners,
please suggest a way to make it happen here as well :-)

With gratitude,
Shlomo Tommer