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Oh ok, great. Looks like it hasn't been updated in a while, thought. Any idea when this will be implemented?

Just as a side note, the same would also apply to other functions, such as setting owner/permissions recursively.


Re: Is it possible to delete files in background queue?

No it is not possible yet.

This request is being tracked already:

Is it possible to delete files in background queue?

First of all, thank you s much for WinSCP. I've been a FileZilla user for many years and only used WinSCP for SSH file access--I didn't know about all the great features it has that FileZilla doesn't--like automatically transferring a file upon detecting a change, and synchronizing folders automatically.

I've found all answers to common questions/features but this one: I have selected in the settings to do all transfers in the background queue by default. However, when I delete a folder from a remote directory, it still opens up the window stating it's deleting. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but for huge folders that take a few minutes to delete it becomes cumbersome not being able to use the program while it's working. Is there any option somewhere to delete files in the background?