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Re: Is WINSCP encrypt file

How encrypt? There are zillions of different encryptions. Anyway, that's not a task for WinSCP. WinSCP encrypts the transfer (or whole session actually), if SFTP, FTPS, or WebDAVS are used. But if you need to store the file encrypted, you have to encrypt it before or after the transfer. Neither is a task for WinSCP.

Is WINSCP encrypt file

Hi Tea,

We 're transfering file to MID server through Winn SCP bbut file supposed to be encrypted.

Is there any way to encrypt file and push to Mid Server/

Please guide me on this.

Re: Encrypting private key file

WinSCP supports encrypted PPK files in GUI. Not in automatic scripting or .NET assembly.

Encrypting private key file


Is there a facility within WinSCP to deal with encrypted PKK files? I.E. If we encrypt a PKK file, can it be decrypted by WinSCP?