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Re: Start WinSCP in a specified directory

Sclark wrote:

Hi Richard, did you work out how to set the local directory? If so then can you share how you did it here? Thanks.

I believe this is answered in the FAQ linked above.

Re: Start WinSCP in a specified directory

Hi Martin, thanks but that doesn't help me. From that link I see I can use /command to open a connection with -rawsettings LocalDirectory. But I don't want to open a connection. I just want to set the local directory. When the guy starts, I will choose my connection. I don't want the local directory property of the connection to have any effect. Just stay in the local directory I specified at startup.

Start WinSCP in a specified directory

Is there anyway to run WinSCP and have it start in a specified local directory?

When I launch WinSCP, it always changes the current directory. Instead, I want it to just work in whatever the current directory is when the process is launched. Alternatively, I could pass a directory path on the command line.

Possible? I couldn't find a way.