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Indeed, it is fixed in the build that you sent me: 3431

Re: [BUG][5.2.3]Crash on "Disconnect" of non-connected tab

Thanks for your report.

This bug has been added to the tracker:

I'm sending you a new build.

[BUG][5.2.3]Crash on "Disconnect" of non-connected tab

Open WinSCP
Select workspace and login. The workspace must contain more than one session. Only the first one gets connected automatically.
Now go to a dark-grey tab that is not connected.
Right-click - a menu opens.
Select Disconnect.

Result: Assertion failed: FQueue != NULL, file forms\CustomScpExplorer.cpp, line 4091
Click OK
Result: Abnormal program termination.

Log attached.
5.2.3 Build 3410

<log deleted by admin>