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Re: Small user experience improvement

Thanks for your suggestion.

This request has been added to the tracker:

Small user experience improvement


I'm currently with the portable version of WinSCP beta 5.2.3 build 3436, and I noticed a little thing that would improve a bit the user comfort.

I configured the client to never clean the list of the already uploaded files, I know other options are available, but in most of the cases, that's just the right option for me. However, after hundreds of files were uploaded or edited, I wanted to clean my list a bit, and only show the most recent finished transfers : it was useful to know these ones were uploaded, while I didn't care anymore about the older uploads.

However, I found that it wasn't possible to shift-select manually among the former uploads, and then hit the Del key to remove the ones we wanted.
The Del key can only remove one item at a time.

How about allowing to select groups of past uploads with the keyboard or the mouse, and delete them ?
If this not to complicated to code, I must say, I'm impressed by Admin's reactivity and availability, HUGE PROPS ! :)