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Thanks for your feedback.

Fixed in build you sent me 8)

Re: 5.2.5 b3668 - Invalid Access to Memory editing local files

Thanks for your report.
I have fixed this meanwhile. I've sent you an email with link to the latest dev version.

5.2.5 b3668 - Invalid Access to Memory editing local files

Hi, here's another one... :oops:
not sure if known bug, it would surprise me if not, but maybe our system is a bit unusual...

When opening a local file using the internal editor I get the error "Invalid Access to Memory.
This also occurs when opening a file using an alternative editor (Notepad++), the same error pops up.

I can however click OK and continue editing the file.

This is on Windows server 2008 running through a Citrix screen, but also repro'd at a Windows 7 (Enterprise) machine. Both x64 with plenty of RAM (8GB/16GB).

Attached is screenshot of error: