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Re: Keybord shortcut for selecting group

There's no other shortcut.
But you can use toolbar button on menu (Alt+M, C for Select or Alt+M, U for Unselect).

Keybord shortcut for selecting group


it may be a totally stupid question, but I used to use keybord shortcut for selecting/deselecting group very often and now I got new laptop, where I installed version, where the shortcut is num +. But on my laptop Dell XPS there is no num key. Also on this new laptop, there is the key fn, but it does not work together with UIOPJKLM-[;. as the numeric keybord and +-*/ (I use czech keybord, so I was very used to this and now it is problem for me to write +/*...). Is there some way to either change the shortcut in winSCP or to simulate num key (I have win 8.1) because it really drives me crazy... (I have very similar problem in total commander, where it is also num +). Every help will be very appreciated.