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Re: WinSCP on Thinapp

Are you ware that double-click does Edit by default, not Open? So isn't it that Open does not work, but Edit does? (no matter how you invoke them). Also what app closes? WinSCP or the application that should open the file?

WinSCP on Thinapp

Hi all,

I have try searching for a post that is near my problem but i've found nothing. Let me explain my issue, may be someone of you knows how to fix or have an explanation.

The company i work in have decided to use VMWare View and all desktops now are thin clients. One of the apps we use is WinSCP and we want to use it as encapsulated app. To do this we use Thinapp from VMWare, and it seems to work correctly, but a user have told about a problem the he has found: When he try to open a file from WinSCP the app closes and does not show any kind of error, simply closes. I've tried to reproduce the problem and this only happens when i try to right-click on the file and select Open, if i double-click on the file theres no problem, the file opens correctly.

I've done de encapsulation process several times in different ways and allways the same.

Any help should bwe apreciated.