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If I were going to try to add the permanent save location with local folder structure like "D:\winscp_bkp\%server%\%path%", to the source code of WINSCP, what files would need to be edited?
I've done some MFC/C++ in my college times, so please just a couple of clues.

Re: WinSCP (zip version) not saving permanent directory cache

The option you refer to has nothing to do with keeping temporary copies of remote files after exit.

Feature that you ask for is tracked here:

WinSCP (zip version) not saving permanent directory cache

I'm trying to replace nppftp with WinSCP, but would like to retain the automatic file caching that's present in nppftp.
There's a setting 'Permanent cache' in Environment/Directories, and I've set the DDTemporaryDirectory=%2E%5C option in WinSCP.ini.
Now, upon launching external editor the winscp creates a temp folder like scpxxxxx on my usb drive in the winscp folder, but it isn't permanent, it's deleted on winscp close.

Is there a way to keep the last backup of the file opened/edited on remote site?