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In .Net Assembly, how to accept any host key fingerprint?

Yes, I know it is not as secure
but we are a large government organization with many departments and so our servers are all on the 'intranet'. Our IT administrators would prefer that we accept any host key finger prints... so as to avoid the extra maintenance of adding / configuring this to our code.

i.e. I can develop locally in our development environment, but have zero access to the QA and PROD environments, and so therefore, no way for me to configure my application with the host key fingerprints... and the IT Administrators do not want to go through these extra steps.

I searched in this forum - I understand there is a command line scripting interface to do it (use -hostkey=* switch of open command), and you can also do this in the GUI interactively... but how do I do it in .Net code?

Thank you.