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Re: Reporting a bug with drags and drops

Thanks for your report!

So when the bug occurs, do you release left mouse button before authentication window disappears? Do I understand right? Where exactly is mouse pointer located by then? Over a remote directory tree of an inactive main window? That means a crossed circle icon is shown as a mouse cursor, right? Indicating drop is no possible.

Reporting a bug with drags and drops


I've had this bug for a while, maybe even before my current version, but I always forget to either report it, or even note the full details, I'm sorry -_-
As it happened again, and as I was slapping my forehead, I thought I could at least make a report, however incomplete it may be. Maybe it will interest the developer, who knows, in some manner. next time it happens, I'll try to note the full details.

So, of course feel free to discard my incomplete bug report.

Program version : WinScp portable 5.5.1 build 3970 (current stable version), the bug happens between once and twice a week (while I do actual practical use of the program - not just having it open and idle - like 30 minutes every day). On windows 7.

- I shift-select a group of files (within AcdSee Classic, that I use as my windows Explorer as soon as I'm dealing with pictures), I then swith with alt-tab to WinSCP
- I click the New Session tab, I launch the connexion to a currently not yet opened SFTP account, on my server, and as soon as I do the request, before the program finishes connecting, I alt-tab back to ACDSee
- in there, with my mouse (intellimouse explorer, default driver), I start dragging the files with my mouse, and, without releasing my pressure on the left-click, I do an alt-tab into winSCP. I move my pointer to the upper-right window representing the remote folders, so as to upload them in there.

And then

. Most of the time, WinSCP has already finished connecting itself to the server, and then I release my mouse button (from drag... to drop), and the transfer works right.
. Occasionally, WinSCP hasn't finished connecting, and the program looks like it's frozen, until, a few seconds later, the connection is finished, and then, I release my mouse button, and the transfer starts.
. Rarely, I do an actual drag and drop without waiting for the connexion to be done. It won't work, nothing more, I have to do the dragging and dropping again when the connexion is done.
. And even more rarely, I do an actual drag and drop while WinSCP hasn't finished connecting... and, once the program finished connecting, BAM, here comes the bug, invalid access to memory. After this, every transfer I'll try will generate the bug again.

Sorry this is a very incomplete bug report, I can't reproduce it at will, "it just happens", and I even forgot to note full details about it -_-
But, who knows, maybe it helped to report it. Better spend 3 minutes writing it than blaming myself I forgot, again, about it :D

Good evening everyone !