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Re: Get file and Append custom string to downloaded filename

WinSCP cannot do this automatically. You need to do some post-processing on downloaded files.

Get file and Append custom string to downloaded filename

Is there anyway I can append a custom string while downloading a remote file without replacing any characters in the original file name???

I am already referring this link
But the issue with this is, it's starts replacing the existing filename

"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /timeout=60 /console /command "option batch continue" "option confirm off" "open username:passwd@ -hostkey=*" "get -filemask="">1d"" /log/STATools/Output/NBR/CELL-INFO-*.txt C:\Users\s.mailappan\Documents\Samsung-Sprint\Daily-4G-RAN\RawLogs\AkronLSMR1_* " "exit"

Original FileName: CELL-INFO-20140312_161040.txt
Downloaded & Renamed FileName: AkronLSMR1_0140312_161040.txt

Whats Needed: AkronLSMR1_CELL-INFO-20140312_161040.txt