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I will give it an attempt, may take some time.

I just cannot reproduce this. I was running WinSCP with file opened in Sublime Text 2 for many hours. I've tried to sleep/resume Windows. Nothing.
Also noone has ever reported this problem.
There has to be something specific in your setup.
Would you be able to record a video of the process? E.g. using <invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

Logged me out posting again, that was me.

Its standard unedited settings in windows, on any computer I use. So whatever the default settings may be. For sure I am not running out of diskspace (1tb drive, 300gb used).

It happens on windows 7 and windows 8, can't really test on previous versions of windows.

One "thought" is maybe due to winscp on default setting (although I looked and found nothing that might directly cause this) the "keep alive" settings may cause enough of a disruption that windows thinks the temp file is no longer needed?

I do see that winscp auto cleans obsolete files, so there may be some issues that it cannot see that it is being edited by sublime text and believes its obsolete? Disabling this may cause more issues, as I edit a lot of files so manually cleaning it up constantly would be problematic. I am just throwing out ideas here though.

I can change the directory so that might help, so I will attempt to test that when I can, but either way with it being default I would say its "problematic".

I do love winscp, beats filezilla by far, but filezilla does not have this issue, so it is a little concerning.

I've tried to reproduce this. I do get one error message per deleted temporary copy of a file. But I'm deleting it manually.

I do not know what causes such a frequent clean up of your temp folder. Do you have clean up scheduled? Or are you possibly running out of disc space (what may cause Windows to attempt to free some)?

Its an educated guess. Based on the fact its only when the file is no longer available in the temp directory, and that it can happen even if the file is still open.

Typically if I have 20 files open, if I leave them for 20 or so minutes, they will all be "deleted". This will cause about 1-2 minutes of clearing error messages before continuing with whatever I am doing. If there is an error message up even if I have a file up that has not been removed, it will not be uploaded until I clear all the messages, so if it happens every 20 minutes it causes roughly 6 minutes of down time every hour to clear the messages.

Also if I have many files open and everything is fine when I am done and close it. The next day when I return to work on anything again I will have to clear error messages as soon as I open the program.

Also one other odd thing, the error messages do not trigger it to alert the user, in some cases, like when doing anything with WinSCP, it will change the icon color to "orange" (maybe different colors depending on windows settings, not sure what this functionality is called). Basically to alert the user something might be wrong. This functionality does not happen with the "code 5" error, making it impossible to know if the error is preventing you from uploading files until you actually open up WinSCP.

I have been working with WinSCP for years and have usually just dealt with this issue, so I believe at least version 4 to present this has been a problem. It has happened on every computer I have used it with, that is with sublime text 2 as the editor.

OK, so you know it's Windows temp folder clean up process that is causing this? Or are you guessing?

Somehow logged out when i was posting.

Anyway for a bit more details, it has been on every version for the past few years. Recreated on every machine I ever used WinSCP on. Sublime text is my editor of choice so that may be the only unique thing.

The easiest way to recreate is to just open a file using sublime text as your editor, leave it for an hour or so, or put the computer in standby. At somepoint without fail windows will clean up the temp directory and remove the file, causing winscp to give a flurry of code 5 errors. Normally if that happens the file has already been saved or has not been used, even closed out of sublime text already. It can sometimes take 10-15 minutes to clear all the errors (I sometimes get 100+, depending on the amount of work I was doing).

The errors also cross between tabs, so if there is one in on tab, it prevents you from using another tab. Also if there is an error like that it can prevent you from saving files, leading to confusion until you open up sublime text.

System Error: code 5.

If you open any file using sublime text 2 then close it or leave it for a period of time. At some point you will get the error, due to the temp file no longer being in memory.

Re: Useless error messages

Please post an exact error message you are getting.
Also describe in more details how to reproduce the problem.

Useless error messages

This is something that I used to deal with but now is just starting to take to much time to get around.

If you use an editor like sublime text, its fine while you edit it, but if you close a file you will constantly get errors in winscp, over and over and over again for it trying to find the file that was already removed from memory. Its a pointless error and having to in some cases click "skip all" 20-30 times really wastes a lot of time (one would think skip all would skip them all and not just one, that's a bug for sure).

I have looked and found no setting to disable these pointless errors, am I just missing it? I see no way that they would be useful so there must be some way.