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Re: 256 bit aes encryption

WinSCP always uses the best encryption available (the best from subset supported by both WinSCP and the server). Though, there's no option to forbid WinSCP from using AES 128 bit encryption, if the server does not support AES 256 bit.

256 bit aes encryption

Hi Team,

Understand from WinSCP documentation that we can do AES encryption ( 256 bit or 128 bit) for data transfer using WinSCP.Our requirement is to do 256bit aes encryption for transfer.Could you please let me know how can I configue winscp to enable '256 bit' aes encryption.

Please find below the WinSCP and Windows version details

Version of WinSCP :
Version of Microsoft Windows : Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002
Transfer protocol : SFTP
Winscp is invoked via command line