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Re: Scripting Problem...Please HELP !!!!

Make sure you are using the same (the latest) version of WinSCP on both machines.
Also read
It should NOT be related to regional date/time formats.

Scripting Problem...Please HELP !!!!


I used to have a script that downloads some files based on a mask/filter and timestamp filter. It takes only files created in the last 12 hours. It is working fine on a WinXP machine. However, when I moved the same to a Windows 7 PC; the script is returning (getting) ALL the files in the directory..not just the new ones...Here is the script:

option confirm off
get *[0-9].txt>12H C:\Data\

Anyone can tell why script is working RIGHT on XP..and on 7 it is getting ALL the it is ignoring the mask...Could be related to any 'Regional Data/Time' formats of Windows?

Please HELP ! :roll: