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Re: How to make winscp automatically accept server host key?

martin wrote:

Use SessionOptions.GiveUpSecurityAndAcceptAnySshHostKey.
Please read documentation, boze:

The link shows syntax for C# and I'm running WinSCP from a batch file using command line parameters. Can you set session options in a batch file? An example would be appreciated

Thanks, Bože.

This feature wasn't available in the old version I had.

I might have phrased it a bit better...

Well, simply. I don't have a fingerprint of that server key and I don't care about changes of the server key. I don't want to use the fingerprint and want to accept the server key automatically without any prompt. How can I suppress the prompt and accept it automatically without having fingerprint?

How to make winscp automatically accept server host key?

I'm writing a script to transfer data via winscp using its powershell functionality.

I need to use SFTP and automatically accept host key fingerprint on first connection and on all further ones, no matter what is the value.
How do I script that, pls?

When I write a script without specifying hostkey, it throws this back at me:

Exception calling "Open" with "1" argument(s): "SessionOptions.Protocol is Protocol.Sftp or Protocol.Scp, but SessionOptions.HostKey is not set."