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Found a fix by reducing the timeout in the server side

Server side in the timeout set to 120sec caused to lock the file before timeout.

Issue close

No idea how filezilla client overcome this problem

winscp does not reconnect when working in ftp server

When working with the below script which should uload (200M) to ftp server (windows server 2003 + filezilla ftp server)
In case there is a timeout error in the middle of upload the winscp will try to reconnect and resume the copy.
Finally I get permission denied (see attached file).
< 2014-08-08 00:20:01.853 550 Permission denied --------------------> Here reconnect
two items checked as well:
1. in case server is linux the winscp work fine
2. Filezilla client works fine


See below cmd file
option confirm off
open ftp://XXX:yyy@ -rawsettings FtpProxyLogonType=1 ProxyHost= ProxyPort=2121 ProxyUsername=ddd ProxyPassword=dd
cd Firmware
option transfer binary