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I'm talking rubbish.

Ignore me I've walked away from it and come back and it's fine. I think I needed to save the solution before building.

Using WinSCP from Visual Studio 2013

I'm having problems using WinSCP within a C# project in Visual Studio 2013. The annoying thing is I have it working in another project.

I've copied the WinSCP.exe and WinSCPnet.dll into the obj/Debug folder of my project and I've added a reference to it in my project.

When I key in my "using WinSCP;" directive at the top of the program it shows me the "WinSCP" and all my errors disappear (I'm using some WinSCP methods and I've no errors on them either ) but when I build the project I get :

"The type or namespace name 'WinSCP' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

I've compared this project the one that's working and they seem the same. I'm obviously missing something very simple but I'm stuck at the moment. Can anyone give me any guidance?